should model agencies charge fees

Should agencies charge joining fees?

Over the weekend, I held a Q&A via Instagram (@ohjackieo.talentagency). One of the main questions people asked me is ‘What are your joining fees’ or ‘do talent/model agencies charge joining fees?’

I decided to share my thoughts on this via a video, where I explain what costs are typical and what are the red flags you should look out for when joining a modelling agency. For those who aren’t aware, I recently opened my books for models, which is why I talk about modelling agencies in the video as well!

Please note: It is typical for an agency to recommend that you get professional headshots (as an actor) or a starter modelling portfolio (as a model) so that they can put you forward to relevant roles in a very competitive industry.

As for joining fees, that is another story, watch more below. If you’re interested in more advice like this, sign up to the newsletter to get free advice by clicking here!