How to stand out in your audition

In your quest to be a successful, recognised, award-winning actor, you always need to be aware of what the people who are hiring —casting directors— are looking for. At first, this can seem extremely difficult so I’ve come up with a couple of things that will make it impossible for a casting director to forget you.

1. form a connection

The first thing you need to know if you’re going to stand out is the concept of connection. If you can establish a connection with someone, they’re going to be drawn to you. When it comes to connecting with casting directors, do your research before an audition.  Create an advantage. Watch one of their films and make specific notes. Although you only have five minutes for your audition, make a quick statement to the casting director and let them know how well they cast that specific project and then get to your audition asap! Establish a connection in a unique way and leave an indelible impression.

2. be different

Here’s another important point you need to know as an actor: it’s of great significance that you raise the energy of the room you’re walking into. For the people on the other side of the table, seeing the same audition over and over can be exhausting. They are hoping that you can come in with a spark and light the room on fire. 

You were called in to audition because of your ability to act and this is where you’re going to seal the deal. Chances are that the role you’re auditioning for has hundreds of other actors aiming for a chance to be cast. In my experience, 95 percent of them will audition the same exact way. Which is why casting directors are likely exhausted when you walk in. Can you imagine watching the same thing over and over again?

To step above the rest and get into that five percent, get creative with your script and delivery. Know that you can hit your mark an unlimited number of ways. Constantly ask yourself how you can make your auditions stand out. You won’t always get an answer right away, but you will always receive one in the form of a hunch or corresponding circumstance. Ultimately, when you can stay mindful through the audition process, the creativity available to you will be immeasurable. Use it and become unforgettable to every casting director you encounter.

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