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5 tips for better headshots according to a Casting Director

The headshot is one of the most important marketing tools for an actor. It’s amazing how many actors don’t invest in a professional headshot. When casting directors view your headshot, you want them to say, “Yes, bring that person in for an audition!” Not “Yikes, not that guy.” Read below for some tips from a casting director’s perspective.

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Your headshot is your calling card. It will be used to submit you for different roles. So if you’re headshot doesn’t look that great, you won’t look that great. You want to be seen as a professional actor, not as someone who has no experience, therefore, the way you present yourself is everything. If you want to be taken seriously in the entertainment industry, you must have a good headshot.

1. Go professional.

Spend money on a professional headshot —it’s worth it. Don’t go to a friend who happens to have a good camera but isn’t a trained professional when it comes to headshots. People who are trained in headshots understand framing, lighting and all the nitty-gritty that comes with. Any photos from non-professionals should be saved for the ‘gram! Otherwise, it simply looks cheap and looks like you don’t really care about your acting career.

2. Remember: It’s all about your eyes.

It’s much easier for actors to work their magic on a moving camera than it is on a still camera. Just remember though, on-camera acting is all about your eyes and what is happening behind them. Similarly, your headshot should be the primary focus. There should be a story, inner thoughts behind your eyes. A good headshot photographer knows how to bring this out in you so that’s why #1 is so important!

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3. Don’t use costumes or props.

It’s a no go. Your headshot shouldn’t have any hats, large pieces of jewellery, costumes. Why do people do this? Because they want to stand out. Secret is, keeping it simple and classy will get you noticed. Remember point #2 when it comes to headshots, let your eyes do the work!

4. Less is more when it comes to makeup

Your headshot is not a glamour shot. You don’t need to put on a lot of makeup. You want to look like yourself on your best day. Be yourself. Please don’t be one of those actors who come into the audition not looking like their headshot, this is one of the biggest pet peeves of a casting director.

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